Escape room for family and kids in Barcelona

Aventurico is the place where children have the time of their lives and adults go back to their childhood. Celebrate your birthday with us, or just make that Thursday unforgettable. Our unique decoration, high technology puzzles Will transport you to Wonderland, to the most famous wizarding school or the misterious Jungle. Start your adventure today! (Gamemaster mandatory for kid teams up to 12 years old)
60 minutes of adventure
Prices from 18€
We open every day
Unforgettable birthdays
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Escape room
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Entertainment with friends, unique emotion, intellectual work
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Our clients
Los amantes de Harry Potter disfrutarán mucho este escape. Mi hermana ama a HP, así que reserve sorpresa para que fuéramos juntos adultos y niños. Salimos encantados y con ganas de hacer más.
He asistido hoy por primera vez con mi hija y sus amigas. Han disfrutado muchísimo y han salido encantadas de la sesión de El secreto de la jungla. ¡¡Muy chulo!!
I really loved Epidemic Z! It was hard but we did in 59:48!!! Thanks a lot
I was playing with my husband and two children, 10 and 14 years old. They really liked solving the puzzles, especially (spoiler alert!) pulling the girl out of the air ventilation system. Nice choice for family recreation.
I loved it. It was so real. I love flying in space
It was amazing experience thanks for that
An incredible adventure and just two steps from my place. I’m going to come again when there are more quests. Good luck!
Was a great escape room. A little tricky but that's the point. Very nice set up and really interested to get your honest opinion. Seem really interested to make it better for the general audience :) thanks for a great time. We didnt escape this time but next time we will :)