Escaperoom in box for children for 89€
Party without entertainers - easy and fun!
Children will be delighted because:
They will appear in another world
They'll be having fun running around the house looking for the keys
They will be happy to win
They will solve developed and entertaining tasks with an adequate level of difficulty
They will have their prize
They will be able to use props in the future and share emotions
Our escaperoom in box for little ones
Our program
Frequently asked questions
How long is a game and what's the price per person?
If there are 46 people or less, you can do 1-hour activity! And the price is € 16-20 per person, depending on the final amount of participants or additional services. We organize coffee breaks, photo sessions, presentations of your product and much more. Ask how to get your discount!
If there are more than 46 people, what can the next group do while the first is playing?
Our place is big enough and at your total or partial disposal! We can decorate the chillout area according to your preferences, with a buffet, board games.
Can we do a snack and eat a birthday cake?
For € 30/30 minutes you can enjoy the area to eat and play (with a trampoline and climbing instalations fpr kids), up to 12 people! You can bring your food or we prepare it for you, for example a menu for 10 people including pizza + cake + juice + water + candles costs € 70.
Can you set up a children's escape room in my house?
Yes! The game Hogwarts is a 1-hour door-to-door competition marathon for 8-12 years (house, terrace, park and etc). Our disguised magic teacher will come to show to the children different charms with sweet prizes at the end. The transport price is € 60-80 (20 km from Aventurico). Ask for your budget!
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Robin Stefan
Thank you so much me and my friends had an awesome time.
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